Where the Sidewalk Ends & Falling Up the poems and drawings of Shel Silverstein


Ya’ll I have ten kids. I can tell you which one of my four that is, why they are looking that way, and what attitude they had when they needed a dunk in the water like that. Let’s assume they had life jackets on; drowning is no joke.

Seriously the child second from the left is hilariously a millennial pitching a god-damned fit. The first one on the right is just like damn, again? Whatever. Take me back to XBox. 

Scoliosis Teaches me


You have to understand I’m now getting slashes in my back where my rib cage is collapsing as I twist.

Maybe if I could lose 15 pounds the slashes would go away, but that doesn’t account for how an organ on my right side slips under my rib cage occasionally. As long as I do my stretches it’s okay.

I’d like to get the rod alongside my spine, but insurance won’t pay for it until I’m at 40 degrees. I’m approaching 25.

Who cares? I don’t know but I realize someone does. And two other someones. The problem with me is course of performance. Anyway, I have a story. 

People don’t call it power unless you’ve “healed” someone or the angelic visitation you have had was witnessed. Or that immortal actually talked to people around you or that other ministry wrote you back when they never did. 

And Christians even back when I was 12 years old were all about finding things wrong with a body, my Uncle Ken perhaps, because he evidently wasn’t filled with the Spirit enough to be healed of Lou Gerig’s Disease.

Around me it is a little different. I can sing over my dying mother’s body and put everyone in an interesting place. They started picking each other apart directly after I sang, and attacked me, except the man in the hall walking by asked if I was a professional. I don’t sing well. That was a powerful moment. 

But her sister actually said to me that she thought my mother needed to stay longer. I was incredulous but helped her and her second hubs (also Ken, BTW) to pray over her. I’ve had this happen before. Let’s play with the power in the room and see if maybe a “miracle” will happen.

They said to my Uncle Ken, if you had faith you’d get up out of that bed…..and he told Dad if GOD chose that for him he’d have whupped their backsides into shape. It’s real convenient to deny our testimonies, to decide we are to be corrected and overworked, and to leave us alone when we are people too. 

Scoliosis is not really teaching me. I refuse prayers of healing because I simply feel like it is a way to put more expectations upon GOD in a sterile world. But if He chooses to heal me, I would fully testify it as everyone around me knows. 

I’ve testified other things, very miraculous. It doesn’t matter. I’m always shy of real to the world system around me and boy is it close up. 

Drunk on Love

Drunk in Love Beyonce’

video above is 2013

Jay-Z & Dean Baquet in 2019

Don’t go trying to find the above 2019 video through a search of “sex addiction” or you get a bunch of white vaginas and penis sagas EWWWWW. Anyway, Curtis is gonna have to wipe that history and make sure the parental control is still tight though I tried once to find the above interview I watched with admiration.

My point is? Sex is gross. It doesn’t need to be watched. If two adults cannot enjoy their privacy of sex their own way, you have something I don’t care about. And…..Jay-Z is righteous in a fucked up world. That he and Beyonce’ are still together is a miracle. Now. Go buy and listen to The Carters EVERYTHING IS LOVE.

What you are going to get from me is a piece of artwork. I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day. It’s a crime against humanity worldwide. And PS: I enjoyed Drunk In Love by Beyonce’ because they are both beautiful and more specifically they are not white.

Sexuality is very much defined by White Supremacy in the United States or I wouldn’t be in the place I am within right now. Sexism, ditto. Elitism is equally the same way. So is Capitalism the same way. GOD DEITY is taking care of Me. I am thankful. That being asserted as true, all of this paragraph is TRUE.

Free Hand Artwork coming and then I’ll unpin this article everybody is going to hate. It’s the truth. Deal, America.


Dwelling Perseverance 3

A Study in Snow & Sun #ATX 2

For many of us, there is no perseverance in dwelling yet. My work continues. You will not be emotionally sadistic, you will not be controlling just because of pieces of paper that have tried to re-define my reality, and you will wait and see what the LORD has in store for US in Austin, Texas, and the surrounding areas.

If this blog is not aware, I am a death testifier. There is a trinity of death and life still living now coming forth from this place: Joy, Julie, and…….one other Catholic ladies died faithfully for about five years. Now their true Love is here and I am who I am. Yes you read that correct. I am one of the three and we are still in love with thee. But you are not in love with us; so shut the fuck up and don’t fuss. We will set this house of Texas straight and narrow; I am no longer going to allow you my visage of sparrow. SOTU

For the love of Robert H. Beaty and His Son Robert Hilton Beaty, Jr. who I am here to tell you would horse-whip some of them how they are STILL treating me, Robert Paul Beaty, Edward Kenneth Beaty, John Paul Jackson, Scott Evelyn…..

There is spiritual death experiences. There are real guardian angels. There’s a woman who lives in Austin, Texas, on a property she told them, no no, we shouldn’t do this and they didn’t listen to her then anymore than they are listening now. But Dad and Mom are gone and my pain continues and nobody is going to fix that except me. Here I go reminding them all that yes I taught them to be independent in spirit, soul and body, what did you think, that when I had the chance I would subjugate myself to your tyranny and sadistic emotional slants about me? You have and continue to underestimate me and what love does in all circumstances. You continue therefore to underestimate GOD whomever that is or is not to you. You continue to underestimate angels, whomever that is or is not to you. 

Ólafur Arnalds – Particles ft. Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir

Face it, Nation: my life is wasted time to you. It doesn’t just feel that way I can assure you. 

A Study in Snow & Sun #ATX 2

Here is a Good Point About Prophecy 1
A #Cardinal crossed my #Path this glorious morning. #AriesSpeaks and so does our #CardinalLeadership. #PaganCircle
#PaganCircle #PaganLove #DwellingPerseverance

The feature image is our porch. Hear Me NOW: #MoravianFalls #SplitWaterFalls #StarFall #ZipporahAndMoses #StoryTelling #DreamWeaver

As to Cardinals, there is the cardinal place in Astrology. Consider this book to help with that understanding: The Secret Language of Astrology by Roy Gillett

Dwelling Perseverance 3

Here is a Good Point About Prophecy 1

Christian Activist Admits Conservatives Would Vote for Donald Trump Over Jesus from The Friendly Atheist

I retweeted from @TheTweetOfBeast
I started this article, obviously, because of what @almightygod is releasing. He has verified a tweet or two of mine about 1.5 years ago having to do with @ResurrectedDude and I conversing and I summoned Revelation 9 concerning 1/3 population.
Dwelling Perseverance 3

Vote Blue #RESIST

Oh my god well at least it’s obvious.

All that I am doing is pointing to lies. Hillary Clinton axed Sanders last time then rump axed Clinton because Russia fucked us. Franklin Graham with large Ministries like MorningStar and Eagle’s View are using Evangelical Power.

You know what? Bobby Conner has some way out testimonies. I have way, way more than that.

I appeal to Lucifer.